PP Polypropylene Strapping


PP Polypropylene Strapping

PP polypropylene strapping is a very cost effective strap for securing cartons and boxes.  Depending upon the strength and quality requirements, Polyprop strapping is available in various grades:  Hand strap, semi-auto strap, fully-auto strap, pallet strap.

Cape Packaging suppliers offers the following range of PP strapping:


12 mm x 2000m Blue strap (+-120kg)   Semi Auto

12mm x 2000 m Blue strapping (+-140kg)   Semi-Auto

12 mm x 2000 m Blue (+-170kg)   Semi Auto

12mm x 2000m   Red   Semi Auto

12 mm x 2500m  White  Semi Auto

12mm x 3000m  White  Full Auto

12 mm  x 2000m Black   Semi Auto

12 mm x 2000m Black  Full Auto

9mm x 4000m  White  Semi Auto

9mm x 4000m White  Full Auto




PolyProp strapping
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