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Cargo damages during truck transport

Truck damages

Let’s face it, the quality of the roads and the driving etiquette of trucks in Africa is not ideal.  A combination of bad congested roads and tight trucking schedules leads to cargo damages and broken pallet loads.


Securing cargo inside a truck is different to load securing inside an export GP container.  A shipping container has rigid sidewalls, whereas the truck trailers typically have flexible or weak sidewalls.


The general rule is that where you have a gap or void in a truck or container, the pallet or stock can shift during braking, acceleration or turning.

Dunnage Bags are a quick and cost effective solution to fill gaps and securing cargo during transportation.  A dunnage bag can be inflated quickly using compressed air and once the cargo has finished its voyage, the bag can be quickly deflated and reused again.

The dunnage bags can be positioned down the length of the truck body, or positioned upright between each pallet.


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