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Dunnage Bag Suppliers


At this moment in time there are no manufacturers of dunnage bags in South Africa.  All previous factories closed down and moved dunnage bag production overseas.

There are however a few dunnage bag suppliers and I would like to introduce you to the international dunnage bag company called OEM SERV.

OEMSERV has been manufacturing dunnage bags for more than 15 years and has three factories around the world.  They are a quality supplier of paper and poly woven dunnage bags.  They offer dunnage bags in various sizes and also supply different strength offerings.

Dunnage bags are a super effective way to secure cargo / pallets / loads inside export GP containers (20ft or 40ft) or on truck transportation.

Cape Packaging supplies dunnage bags nationally with warehousing in Cape Town, KZN Durban Natal and Johannesburg Gauteng.

Contact us if you are searching for a reliable dunnage bag supplier.



Dunnage bag supplier
Dunnage Bag supplier in South Africa


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Dunnage Bags

Cape Packaging suppliers of quality dunnage bags in paper or poly woven outer layers.


Visit the link below for our full range of Dunnage Bags:


Dunnage Bags sizes:

60 x 60 cm dunnage bag

60 x 90 cm dunnage bag

90 x 120 cm dunnage bag

90 x 150 cm dunnage bag

90 x 180 cm dunnage bag

90 x 225 cm dunnage bag


Contact Cape Packaging

Tel:  074 201 3910


Dunnage Bags delivered nation wide in South Africa

Cape Town, Johannesburg, Gauteng, Pretoria, Durban, Port Elizabeth


Dunnage bags
Dunnage bag
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